Meyer AP Government - Election 2008

Our take on the very long 2008 Election.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three weeks from today...

... we might have some results.

After reading through the latest blogging by the handful of active participants, I have some observations.
  • Like many Americans, it seems as if many students have burned out on the debate, have made up their mind and find little value in trying to convince others, don't care, or simply think in silence.
  • Like other Americans, a few still think they can influence others who have set their positions and will not be changing.
  • Some have trouble talking about politics in a manner that respects differences.
  • Some speak to be heard, but struggle to hear what is spoken.
  • Like many Americans, and as hoped for my many candidates (or their media teams), some are overly simplistic and are content with throwing catch phrases, inuendo, and dirt rather than having respectful and meaningful discussions. Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill would struggle to watch the level of tolerance of politcal differences.

The next three weeks will go quickly. Let's hope that those who end up on the losing side (or loosing for those of you who know my pet peeve.) are able to, once again, say "It was a good game. We'll try again next time." And those that win will understand that winning the election is only the beginning of the work.

So continue to argue, comment, debate, and play. But please do so in a manner that doesn't fall to the depths of those playing the game professionally. Maybe then, more will play.